Friday, November 26, 2010

I have no idea what this title should be

So sorry I haven't been posting anything. I never found the time. Anyway OMG HARRY POTTER WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! It was by far the best one so far but I have a feeling I'll like part 2 better. I totally recommend it for teens/tweens and Harry Potter geeks but it may be too scary for little kids/tweens (my cousin was scared and he's 11 so...) anyway if your not a Harry Potter geek then it's not a very good movie as a movie because it's kinda slow but part 2 is probably faster and stuff I don't know.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I was high on sugar that's for sure. Everyone in my family (dad's side) brought/made 2 desserts so there were a lot of desserts. I got to see my cousins again and I rarely see them even though they live in LA I don't see them often.

I can't wait for christmas. Just saying. I need a new computer so I was hoping I would get one for Christmas but my mom's all "No you can't have one your computer is good" But my computer now sucks and I've had it since 3rd grade so it's slow. So I'm excited for Christmas and it's my favorite holiday. I have a question. (I might keep this question thing I don't know yet) What is your favorite holiday? Well you can answer in a comment thingy.

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