Sunday, November 28, 2010

PVZ (Plants vs Zombies)

Here's me keeping my promise. :)

So my cousins are here (one's 3 and the other is 6) and all they are doing is playing plants vs zombies (pvz). Well yes it is a fun game but he is only and he knows what to do. I'm very surprised he knows how to play. Then again my sister is also playing too so... Oh and the 3 year old is just watching and saying, "oh no!" or "Oh my god!" or "he is coming!"or "The cherry bombs are coming up!" It's very funny to watch. Anyway I'm very surprised that a little kid like him knows about this game and ipad and stuff, but this is the year of technology so I kind of knew he would know but not this well! I'm also surprised how well my baby cousin who is 3 knows this game! Earlier today he was all, "Want to play this zombie game on the computer? All you do is shoot zombies with plants. And there's this sunflower power!" In my head I was like,"Wow he knows pvz?" So there's this one plant that eats the zombie and the 6 year old asks "what does it do?" Then the 3 year old answers "It eats the zombie! It eats the zombie!" Again in my head, "How does he know but not the 6 year old?" Two seconds ago the 3 year old was dancing! It was adorable! So what was the cutest thing your cousin or anyone younger than you did?
Pvz is capable on IPods, IPhones, and IPads. It is also a computer game, a nintendo (ds and wii) game, and I think an xbox game (not sure)

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